What is School Community Council?

A school community council is a committee made up of parents and school professionals who help determine the needs of our school and the best methods and programs to support those needs through the School Land Trust Program.  Members of the school community council will meet together approximately 5-6 times during the school year to discuss the schools needs, the School Land Trust plan, and it’s implementation.


Eagle Valley Elementary 

School Community Council 2019-2020

 Agenda (agendas will be finalized a week before meeting dates)

SCC Meeting Schedule 

August 27th -office conference room

October 3 1:30 pm-office conference room

November -office conference room

January  -office conference room

February -office conference room

March – Google Hangouts:



Eagle Valley Elementary 

School Community Council 2019-2020

 Agenda (agendas will be finalized a week before meeting dates)

SCC Meeting Schedule 

August 27th 1:30 pm -office conference room

October 3 1:30 pm-office conference room

October 29th 1:30 pm  -office conference room

January 30th 1 pm  -office conference room

February 26th 1 pm -office conference room


March 25th Via Google Hangouts 


A- Discuss how recent current events affects plans for SCC budgets


B- Discuss how we monitor and assess needs without assessment test scores


C- Go over briefly biggest needs and concerns from teacher surveys


D- Review rough draft for plan for next year


– Summer Collaborations

– Professional development

– Software needs


E- If time allows talk about how to proceed with elections


F- Other Council member concerns



Eagle Valley Elementary 

School Community Council 2019-2020 Minutes


SCC Meeting January 30th, 2020


  • 1:06pm Meeting called to order by Jack 
  • In attendance: Sarah, Jack, Becky, Shelly 
  • Jack Nominated Shelly to be co-chair, Becky seconded the motion, all were in favor
  • Shelly Way was voted in as the co-chair for SCC


  • Jack explained RISE testing background 
    • Not all data was available for language arts
    • Looking at other ways to collect data


  • Dibels Data is available
    • Dibels data was used to use SCC funds to hire aides
    • Some difficulty having aides available to do consistent progress monitoring
    • Coach is designing a tracker for data for each student, it will be color coded to know if interventions are working and if we are meeting the needs of each student (Jack showed us what the tracker will look like.)
    • Ways we are striving to improve our literacy scores: PD for teachers each month (John Hattie’s book “Teaching Literacy, Visible Learning Classroom.”
    • Writing committee data will be presented next week, classes are writing this week their mid-year writing prompts. Discussed the rubrics that teachers are using.


  • Stakeholders Report Review- went over what is in the report 
    • Chrome books were purchased with the technology money to use in the lower grades (120 chromebooks) 
    • Huge growth last year for K-3rd in dibels
    • Sadly no data available for 3-6th RISE 


  • Net Smartz- great assembly, very age appropriate, give feedback to Legislature that it is a great program that we would like funding for


Discussion Items: 


White Ribbon Week- liked it during lunch, power statements, loved the mascots and cheerleaders


Reading Committee and Reading Challenge ???


Shelly mentioned needing to update/replenish the take-home reading books- ear-mark money for it (greatest need levels b-d) Jack will check to see if there are any book vendors that sell leveled books 


Next meeting February 26th at 1pm


Meeting is adjourned by Jack at 1:49pm.


November 29, 2019

  1.   Welcome. Attended by Jack, Jennifer, Becky and Shelly.
  2.   Action Items
  3. Meeting beginning of December possibly. Decided to meet December 9th at 10:30 am. Need to go over a few numbers and things. We seem to behind this year with agendas and needs.
  4. White Ribbon Week is November 18th -22nd. Net Smartz are now coming in on that Monday for an assembly at 9:30 am. Jennifer probably can’t be there but Shelly said she would try to be there. 

Decided to do the following things:

Monday is the assembly and white out day (dress in all white) 

Tuesday power statement: I have the power to tell an adult if something that makes me feel uncomfortable. -We will do white ribbons on cheeks or hands at recess.

Wednesday power statement: I have the power to not share private information with other. -We will hand out white eagle feathers at recess

Thursday Power Statement: I have the power to turn bad things off. -We will have a treat at recess 

Friday Power Statement: I have the power to make safe choices online. -They will sign a pledge and have mascots there at recess


We ill aslo make a flier for parents with resources and coloring picture on back. 

  1. Test Results- Mr Kingsford went over dibels results. We think the ha;f day collaborations are showing improvements in the dibels scores. In those collaborations they are having coaches model a a lesson, teachers than implement it in their curriculum and then teachers design an assessment test designed for them and their teaching. Progress monitoring is also happening and helping with this as well. 

We discussed the Bear training. We are at 80% mastery with long /short vowel sounds. They are implementing the teachings from this at least 3 times a week a little bit each day. 

  1. Email representatives regarding funding for Netsmartz or other SCC items


Motion to excuse Natalie Stephenson as Chair and SCC meeting for missing 3 meetings in a row. This moves Jennifer as Chair and a co chair will be voted in next month. Jennifer will contact new person on waiting list. 


  1.   Discussion Items
  2. Good with goals for now.
  3. Subs and Aides. Discussed the shortage on this. Still a problem, not sure what else we can do. Suggested having background checks covered.


  1.   Review Agenda for next month
  2.   Council Member Concerns
  3.   Adjournment


Ocotber 3, 2019

  1.   Welcome. Thanks for coming. Started at 1:35. Members present: Jack, Jennifer, Becky, Michelle and Shelly.
  2.   Action Items
  3. Future dates for meetings voted on. Future meetings October 29th 1:30. Then meeting 4th Thursday of the month starting in January. Making meetings Jan 29th, Feb 26th and March 25th. Meetings are at 1:30 for now, but if we can ever meet a little earlier that is easier for the Becky Jones since her a track gets out at 2:15 pm.  
  4. Safe walking plan- (paint for crossing guard, drop off areas, etc)

Discussed needing to paint the red line for the crossing guard on the sidewalk for kids to stand behind. Also talked about not dropping kids off by buses and how they redid the staff parking side and using cones there. Things aren’t bad now but they will be when it starts to snow. 

  1. White Ribbon Week

Net smartz no longer has the grant to come to our school no charge.we picked the week of Nov 18-22 for white ribbon week. Will go over next meeting what our power statements are and what things to do at lunch if kids say them. Talked about doing a mascot day. Doing things each day for teachers to focus on. Doing an email for parents on what is discussed. 

  1. Book Fair help and sign up

Book fair is next week and pta needs help so please volunteer. 


  1.   Discussion Items
  2.   Safe UT app

This is a great app that give people and kids access to someone when needed. Also you can input anonymous info or tips that go to schools if you know someone who needs it. Motioned to be ok as an scc to work together more synonymously moving forward. 

  1. Teaching literacy 

Book the school is using to help the teachers better track and analyze their teaching style. Helps teachers be more successful and really teach the kids.

  1. Bylaws

Briefly went over highlights from the bylaws that we looked over in the spring of this year. Pointing out the amount of members that need to be a part of the SCC.. How nominations should ideally work. Noting that if you me to miss two meetings then at the third meeting that you miss members can make a motion to replace them. 


  1.   Review Agenda for next month

Will be going over test results at next meeting. 

Also prepping for White ribbon week

  1.   Council Member Concerns

Well we did discuss our concern about not having enough subs at the school. Often are agents are taking the place of subs leaving us with not having aids. We had a few teachers mention that they would love more aids but I think a part of that is they’re not getting them as much as they should because there’s something more than what initially was planned. Jennifer will send an email to the superintendent of Alpine school District to address these concerns with him with possible ideas or suggestions on paying subs more.

  1.   Adjournment

Motion to adjourn by jack kingsford


August 27, 2019

  1.   Welcome and Introductions

Welcome from members: Shelly Way, Jennifer Davis, Becky Jones and Mr kingsford.

  1.   SCC Basic

Thanks for watching the video we emailed out.  Excited for the new year. 

  1.   Dates for meetings the rest of the year

We decided to meet on a thursday next month due to some meeting date problems. Will be the 26th at 1:30 pm. We will vote on which wednesdays moving forward we want to meet at the next meeting. 

  1.   Action Items
  2.     Vote on Chair and Co-chair

We voted in Natalie as the chair as no contest. Jennifer Davis was voted in as Co Chair.

  1. We voted to switch the extra funds from summer collaborations to fund a miscalculation for the sub fund.
  2. We voted to combine the 2 categories of target time aides and Progress monitoring aides.


  1.   Discussion Items
  2.   We went over the the SIP for the year briefly.  Went over the areas and amounts we set aside for the year. 
  3. Went over that we are in charge of schools digital citizenship and what that has looked like in year spast. Especially regarding white ribbon week. Legislature no longer funds netsmartz so we are looking into having the dunk team from BYU come for that assembly. Hopefully around Oct/nov. Need to get with pta to collaborate on that,
  4. Need to see if the PTA needs help on family nights, In years past we have helped at the Math night doing a booth,
  5.   Review Agenda for next month

Gave out sheet of the tentative plan for agendas for the year Will post below

  1.   Council Member Concerns

None really besides safe walking and biking inthe general area

  1.   Adjournment



Eagle Valley Elementary Community Council Bylaws

Updates 03/2019

    1. Plan and Implement the use of School LAND Trust funds according to

guidelines in 53A-1a-108


  1. Develop a yearly school improvement plan around school’s greatest

academic need areas.

  1. Advise and make recommendations to school and school district

administrators on issues relating to the school community.

  1. Develop and support a safe plan for walking and dropping kids off at school


  1. Create a digital citizenship plan.




Administrator (1)
Faculty Representative (1)
Parent Representative (4)

  1. The Eagle Valley Elementary School Community Council consists of the Principal, a school employee member that is elected by the school employees in even numbered years, two parent members who are elected by in even numbered years and two parent elected in odd numbered years.  If after the election is noticed and the due date to file for election is passed and those filing are less than or equal to the number of open seats, the parent members on the council together appoint parents to fill the open seats.  If a seat is vacated during a two year term, the same process of appointing a parent member for fill the open seat is used.’  (from Paula Plant)
  1. Each employee member, except the principal, shall be elected by a majority vote of the employees and serves a two-year term. The principal shall serve as an ex officio member with full voting privileges.


  1. Only parents or guardians of students attending the school may vote at the election.



  1. A parent or guardian of a student qualifies to be a candidate for election to the school Community Council if at any time during the parent’s or guardian’s initial term of office, the student will be enrolled at the school.


  1. Any parent or guardian of a student who meets the qualifications of this section may file or declare himself as a candidate for election to the school Community Council. Elections are held in the spring of each year.



  1. Written notice of the elections held shall be given at least two weeks prior to the elections.


  1. If there are not enough parents or faculty members to hold a formal election the person running shall be appointed.  If no members of the community run the community council shall appoint a parent to the office.



  1. If a parent or guardian position on the Community Council remains unfilled after an election is held, or a Council member fails to attend two consecutive meetings, or requests to be released, the other parent and guardian members of the Council may appoint a parent or guardian who meets the qualifications of this section to fill the position.


  1. If an employee position on the Community Council remains unfilled after an election is held, the other employee members of the Council shall appoint an employee to fill the position.



  1. Initial terms shall be staggered so that no more than 50% of the Council members stand for election in any one year.


  1. The Community Council may appoint individuals who are not council members to serve on a subcommittee or task force, including parents, school employees, or other community members.




The school Community Council shall elect a chair and vice chair from its parent or guardian members and elected employee members.

The chair shall be a parent or guardian member.  The vice chair may be an employee or parent member.


    1. Discussion items will be submitted to the agenda at least 1 week prior to the day of the meeting.


  1. Additional items can be added to the agenda at the meeting by the vote of the majority of the Council members in attendance. Only items on the agenda will be discussed.



  1. Meeting times and agendas will be set by the Council and posted at least one-week in advance.


  1. The chair conducts the meetings, makes assignments and requests reports on assignments.  In the absence of the chair, the vice-chair shall conduct meetings.



  1. A proposed yearly community council meeting schedule will be posted after the first meeting in the fall.


  1. The Council will encourage inclusive discussion of issues, including consensus building, prior to making decisions.  Decisions shall be made by a majority vote of the Council if consensus building fails.


  1. Minutes and bylaws will be available on the school website and will serve as public record of Council proceedings.


  1. Meetings shall be conducted and action taken according to very simplified rules of parliamentary procedure as required in 53A-1a-108.1(9)(i).  Items on the agenda take priority over other discussions coming before the council.  Council action will be taken by motions and voting with votes and motions recorded in the minutes.”



  1. A motion (or an action to be taken by the council) is stated as a motion.  Then the council members may provide input and discussion as called upon by the chair.  When discussion seems complete, the chair may call for a vote on the motion.  Or when a member of the council “calls the previous question” (a motion to end discussion of the first motion), then, without discussion the chair calls for a vote that must pass by 2/3. If the vote on the previous question fails the council goes back to discussing the first motion.  If the motion to call the previous question passes, the chair directly calls for a vote on the first motion.  A vote to call the previous question is usually used to move business along.


Simple Parliamentary Procedure (as amended specific to our Council)

Adjourn No No No No
Amend Motion No Yes Yes Majority
Close Nominations No No Yes 2/3
Main Motion No Yes Yes Majority
Point of Order No No No Ruled by Chair
Previous Question No No No 2/3
Reconsider No Yes No Majority
Withdraw Motion No No No Majority


  • A tie vote is a lost vote.
  • A mail notion may be amended.
  • Nominations can be closed by saying, “I move to close nominations.”
  • Most motions are main motions.
  • A point of order is offered when there is some question if procedure had been followed correctly.
  • To stop debate or discussion on a motion and force the vote a member would say, “I love the previous question.” This requires a 2/3 vote.
  • Hasty action may be corrected by use of the motion to reconsider.  This motion may be made only by one who voted on the prevailing side.
  • A person who made the motion may withdraw the same motion.
  2. a) Bylaws may be amended by a majority vote of the members of the Council.

Community Council Members