Eagle Valley PTA 2019-2020

Executive Board Meeting August 6, 2019 1:00-2:30 PM

Eagle Valley Conference Room


Executive Board

President: Meredith Logan, President-Elect:, Secretary: Jen Allen, Treasurer: Becca Morris, Administrative VP: Jack Kingsford, Teacher VP: Lacey Mason, Education VP: Cami Brown, Leadership VP:  ,Public Relations VP: Kindra Buras



Membership: Kandi Scattolon, Community Involvement: [Jennifer Harvey] , Health and Safety: Staci Pickering, Fundraising: [Amber Price], Family Life: [Becky Jones]


Member Reps

Reflections: Cami Brown, Book Fair/ Battle of the Books: [Mandy Dow], Room Mothers Rep: Kindra Buras

SEP Dinners: [Tracy Christensen]


Visitors: School Librarian Becca Jane Waite, Assistant Principal Brady Farr

[Name in brackets] not in attendance


Call to order: Meredith Logan

Pledge: Kandi Scattolon

Reverence: Becca Morris, “In a world where you can be anything, be kind”

Treasurer’s report:

Becca motioned to approve, Kindra seconded the motion, unanimous approval of 2019-2020 budget

Back to School night (August 15 4-6 pm): 

We will have three different tables set up:

-Membership. Kandi will staff most of the time with Jen helping her from 4-5 PM and Becca from 5-6 PM. Lacey will test MemberHub on the school’s Chromebooks to see if there is access, and if so we will use those in the main entrance area for PTA sign-up purposes. Kandi will buy some prizes and possibly a spinning wheel to incentivize sign-ups.

-Volunteer/ Battle of the Books/ Watch Dogs. This table will be staffed by Staci from 4-5 and Kindra from 5-6. Meredith will see if Mandy Dow and/or Shelly Way can also be there to inform parents about details of volunteering for Battle of the Books.

-T-Shirts. Meredith will staff this table from 4-5 and Cami from 5-6. Kindra will also step in to help at the T-shirt table.

Meals for teachers (August 15 and 16):

Aug. 15 at about 2:30-3: Kindra will bring Don Taco meals for the teachers as well as home-made rice to be delivered by Cami. Gluten-free options will be available. Kindra will be in touch with Don Taco so they will be expecting a big order.

Aug. 16 7:30 AM: Kindra will bring breakfast pastry-style food. She’ll send out a sign-up genius form to get volunteers to help with this including gluten-free options.

Kindergarten Orientation (Open House Aug 26 4:30-6 pm):

Meredith and Kandi will set up a Membership Sign-up table outside the Kindergarten classroom area and will need a whole cart (with the help of Jack and Lacey) of Chromebooks for getting people signed up. Meredith will buy cookies for parents/kids and Jack suggested she purchase 3 times the amount registered for Kindergarten. Current number is 96 and expected to increase.

PTA forms

Members signed Ethics and Financial Management forms


We discussed the different designs presented by Meredith. We voted on a design with a green glitter eagle on the front and our PTA titles printed on the back. We discussed the hope that T-shirts will help the community know who we are and increase general familiarity with PTA as a positive presence in the school. Cost will be $14 per shirt: we pay for our own.

Needs assessment

We would like to send out a Google survey to parents as an inclusion in the Principal’s weekly email. We will follow up next meeting with questions we want asked in the survey. We plan on sending a separate survey to teachers. Lacey suggested it take less than 5 minutes so busy teachers will be more inclined to fill it out.

Movie nights

Cami reported on her experience organizing PTA movie nights in New Mexico. We are tabling the discussion until next meeting so we can gather more info. Many of the group are interested in this option, especially hoping that we can try it once or twice before adopting a year-long program. It was decided not to cancel Spirit Night at ModPizza in October and the next two coming up after that. These three Spirit Nights are still on.

Membership Drives

Meredith received an email from the Kindergarten teachers about a Membership Drive/Competition they are planning for the Kindergarten classes. If that goes forward, Kindra and Kandi would like to have a separate drive for 1st through 6th grades. Becca helped inspire a plan to have a competition between classes to see which class in each grade gets the most PTA sign-ups. The winners will have a “Muffins and Mustaches for Membership” lunch with the principal in their classroom. This will run from Aug. 15 through Oct. 15 and families who join will have their membership count for each of their children at the school.


“Look Within” is the theme this year. Cami will do a presentation about Reflections at a school assembly, date to be determined. 

Principal Update: “I’m so grateful for all you do, especially Meredith for being our new President!”

Teacher Update: “Hear hear!”

Open Discussion 

First Day of School: We will make posters to put up around the school to bring a smile to students, and hopefully laminate them for re-use in the future.

Communities That Care: Cami asked if she could have the school’s help in September to spread Communities That Care’s mission to promote family meals. Jack gave the ok to post on Facebook and he will also include a message in his weekly emails.


Name-tags and Thank You’s for Volunteers/Helpers: Kandi expressed a desire to distinguish PTA volunteers with name-tags for volunteer-supported events. Kandi and Cami also want to encourage the sending of Thank You notes to those who help us out. Jen volunteered to help write/send notes, though we’ll have to discuss further who can actually write the notes: a centralized system or on-your-own.


Next Meeting:

September 10 at 10AM in the Conference Room