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Trust Lands Report

Trust Lands Report

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School Plan 2018-2019 – Eagle Valley

Goal #1


Each grade K-3 will have 10% more students achieve a proficient composite score on the yearly DIBELS assessments from Fall 2018 to Spring 2019.

Academic Areas

  • Reading


DIBELS assessment data will be gathered at three testing windows for the 2018-2019 school year. Percent of students with proficient scores will be compared between the fall and spring testing windows. Teachers will progress monitor students in below proficient areas at least monthly.

Action Plan Steps

  1. Summer Collaboration time will help teams determine ELA and phonics instructional strategies and routines, to work on curriculum mapping, pacing guides, common assessments, and interventions
  2. Target Time (T-Th) will be used to give students additional time and support to enrich, solidify, or reteach literacy essential standards.
  3. BER training for first grade teachers will be provided by the district. Six sessions throughout the year with classroom observations and coaching sessions.
  4. Reading aide to work in instruction with students and also exchange books (K-2 daily) to provide students with appropriate leveled reading texts for practice.
  5. Computers/iPads for Imagine Learning for students below grade level and used to reinforce basic reading skills.
  6. Professional development for teachers on reading instruction, interventions, and classroom strategies (CITES, UCET, MTSS, BER, etc.)
  7. Double Dose Aides/Alphabet/Phonemic Awareness Coach for lower grades to help with additional time to practice and reinforce skills
  8. Word Coach Aide-K-3 will provide making/building word, fluency, vocabulary type lesson to provide teachers time to assess students in literacy skills.
  9. Supplies for ELA instruction (ie-guided reading books, magnetic letters, white boards, word and letter cards, etc.)

10.Writing Resources-purchase instructional strategy resources and make copies of our writing continuum and rubrics for each class

  1. Reading Incentives (example: school wide reading challenge) (possible idea: individual goals set by students with reading rewards for meeting goals)
  2. Parent class K-1 parents to focus on early literacy, ABCs, phonemic awareness and oral language


Category Description Estimated Cost
Total: $38,233
Salaries and Employee Benefits (100 and 200) Summer collaboration stipend for teachers Target Time aides Take Home Reading aide Word/Alpha/Phonics/Fluency aides Teacher stipend for k-1 parent class 1st Teacher Stipend BER training $26,183
Professional and Technical Services (300) Fees for conferences Substitutes for teacher data days and extended collaboration Substitutes for teachers attending conferences $8,100
General Supplies (610) ELA instructional materials (ie. magnetic letters, whiteboards, integration materials) Reading incentives for students (ie. bookmarks, books, pencils, etc.) $2,700
Technology Related Hardware/Software (< $5,000 per item) (650) ipads, Chromebooks, software for literacy $1,250

Goal #2


All students fourth through sixth grade will show growth in ELA/Writing, Math and Science as measured by SAGE. Each grade will improve level of proficiency (level 2, 3, 4) by 2% when comparing spring 2018 and spring 2019 data.

Academic Areas

  • Reading
  • Mathematics
  • Writing
  • Science


SAGE data from Spring 2018 will be gathered by proficiency level for each grade 3-6. Each grade will identify students at each level of proficiency and monitor growth on SAGE benchmarks and common assessments. Spring 2018 and 2019 SAGE data will be compared at each grade level to show growth in proficiency levels.

Action Plan Steps

  1. Extended Collaboration and data days will provide teams time to analyze data and develop instruction to help students master essentials.
  2. Professional Development for teachers on writing, math, technology and conferences (CITES, UCET, math, science)
  3. Summer Collaboration- work on curriculum mapping, pacing guides, common assessments, and interventions
  4. Math Programs (i-Ready, reflex math etc.) to support student skill development and progress
  5. Supplies for math, science, technology, literacy integration
  6. Computers/iPads for i-Ready, Kahn academy, writing, science
  7. Writing Resources-purchase instructional strategy resources and make copies of our writing continuum and rubrics for each class
  8. PBIS/Character-integrate the character traits of our new vison statement and the 6Cs to strengthen students academic and interpersonal skills


Category Description Estimated Cost
Total: $28,925
Salaries and Employee Benefits (100 and 200) Summer collaboration for teachers to plan integration of ELA, math, science $7,425
Professional and Technical Services (300) Conference and Class fees for teachers Substitutes for teachers to attend conferences Substitutes for data days and extended collaboration $8,100
General Supplies (610) ELA instructional supplies 2700 Student Reading Incentives 600 Writing Resources 3500 Character Ed. incentives 1000 $7,800
Technology Related Hardware/Software (< $5,000 per item) (650) ipads, Chromebooks for student use $1,250
Textbooks (Online Curriculum or Subscriptions) (642) Nearpod Other apps and subscriptions for curriculum for student use $4,350

Summary of Estimated Expenditures

Category Estimated Cost
(entered by the school)
Total: $67,158
Salaries and Employee Benefits (100 and 200) $33,608
Professional and Technical Services (300) $16,200
General Supplies (610) $10,500
Textbooks (Online Curriculum or Subscriptions) (642) $4,350
Technology Related Hardware/Software (< $5,000 per item) (650) $2,500

Funding Estimates

Estimates Totals
Estimated Carry-over from the 2017-2018 Progress Report $2,005
Estimated Distribution in 2018-2019 $65,153
Total ESTIMATED Available Funds for 2018-2019 $67,158
Summary of Estimated Expenditures For 2018-2019 $67,158
This number may not be a negative number     Total ESTIMATED Carry Over to 2019-2020 $0

Increased Distribution

The 2018-2019 distribution in this plan is an estimate. If the actual distribution is more than the estimate, how will additional funds be spent to implement the goals described in the plan?

If actual distribution is more than the estimate, additional funds will be applied to technology for student use supporting goal one and two and additional professional development/subs for teachers to improve and strengthen tier one and two instructional strategies and skills.


  • School newsletter
  • School website

Council Plan Approvals

Number Approved Number Not Approved Number Absent Vote Date
6 0 1 2018-03-28


Trustlands EVE Final report 2016-2017

Eagle Valley Stakeholders Report 2016-2017

Trustlands EVE Final Report 2015-2016

Eagle Valley Stakeholders Report 2015-2016 final 2

Trustlands  final report 2014-2015 pdf


Eagle Valley Final Report 2013-2014

Financial Proposal and Report – This report is automatically generated from the School Plan entered in the spring of 2013 and from the District Business Administrator’s data entry of the School LAND Trust expenditures in 2013-2014.

Available Funds Planned Expenditures

Carry-Over from 2012 – 2013 $38,287 $877

Distribution for 2013 – 2014 $34,726 $44,863

Total Available for Expenditure in 2013 – 2014 $73,013 $45,740

Salaries and Employee Benefits (100 and 200) $15,743 $14,992

Professional and Technical Services (300) $568 $2,322

Repairs and Maintenance (400) $0 $0

Other Purchased Services (Admission and Printing) (500) $0 $0

Travel (580) $0 $0

General Supplies (610) $500 $437

Textbooks (641) $300 $0

Library Books (644) $0 $0

Periodicals, AV Materials (650-660) $0 $0

Software (670) $1,375 $0

Equipment (Computer Hardware, Instruments, Furniture) (730) $14,314 $21,304

Total Expenditures $32,800 $39,055

Remaining Funds (Carry-Over to 2014 – 2015) $40,213 $6,685

ITEM A – Report on Goals

Goal #1

We will increase student learning as measured by data in two academic areas.

1) Increase school-wide language arts CRT scores from 78% to 81% and reach 85% on school-wide DRA reading scores.

2) Increase school-wide math CRT scores from 67% to 70%.

Identified academic area(s).



This was the action plan.

1) We will review CRT scores in the Fall and DRA scores throughout the school year as collaborative teams, set

SMART Goals and provide interventions for each targeted student.

2) We will continue to double-dose students, or provide them with additional instruction and remediation.

3) We will utilize reading recovery and extended day kindergarten-as funding permits, along with “My Access” writing.

4) We will implement the new math core and supplement it with programs like IXL Math and “Big Brainz” math facts.

Please explain how the action plan was implemented to reach this goal.

Teachers administered the DRA and used scores to modify instruction based on student need. Double Dose aides, Reading Recovery, and all day kindergarten provided additional instruction time and support. Math instruction was supplemented with on-line program subscriptions to support all students in refining and deepening mathematical knowledge. On-line writing provided students with feedback to improve writing skills.

This is the measurement identified in the plan to determine if the goal was reached.

We will use CRT and DRA data to monitor progress throughout the school year.

Please show the before and after measurements and how academic performance was improved.

Math: CRT 2013-81% proficient, SAGE 2014-44% proficient (not comparable testing formats)

Eagle Valley DRA 2013-2014

*Grade 4-6 administered only SAGE in the Spring.

DRA Fall Winter Spring

Kindergarten 82% 73%

First 58% 64% 75%

Second 71% 85% 86%

Third 47% 72% 86%

Fourth 55% 74% NA

Fifth 31% 57% NA

Sixth 39% 67% Na

The amounts, categories and descriptions of expenditures planned to implement this goal are listed here:

Amount Category Description

15743 Salaries and Employee Benefits (100 and 200) We will use $15,743.00 to fund

568 Professional and Technical Services (300) We will set aside $568.00 for the

500 General Supplies (610) We will use $500.00 to purchase other

300 Textbooks (641) We will use $300.00 to purchase

1375 Software (670) We will use $1375.00 to fund our IXL

14314 Equipment (Computer Hardware, Instruments, Furniture) (730) We will continue to purchase and Please describe the expenditures made to implement this goal as identified in the Financial Proposal and Report displayed above.

2013-2014 Trust Lands Report

Salaries and Employee Benefits (100, 200)

$15, 073 Funded tutors/double dose aides, teacher collaboration grants, and aides to support home reading distribution

Professional and Technical Services (300)

$2322 Literacy Conference and Professional Development Supplies (610)

$437 Supplies to support reading, writing, math and integrated academic instruction Textbooks (640)

$300 Books and reading materials Software (670)

$1375 On-line support programs for student use to support literacy and math Equipment (730)

$21,304 Technology to improve access to knowledge, student learning and support instruction

ITEM B – In the Financial Proposal and Report, there is a carry-over of $6685 to the 2014-2015 school year. Thisis 15% of the distribution received in 2013-2014. Please describe the reason for a carry-over of more than 10%of the distribution.

The carry over will be used to purchase additional technology to provide access to students and improved instruction in literacy to meet the 2014-2015 goals.

ITEM C – The school plan describes how additional funds exceeding the estimated distribution would be spent.

This is the description.

There is at least $1926.00 left from 2013-2014. More may be added in July and/or October. Our School CommunityCouncil will designate these funds in areas that will support our goals. This is to be determined once we are sure thatwe will have these dollars, based on our student count.

We also project between $600 and $850 carryover from the 2012-2013 school year.

The distribution was about 14% more that the estimate in the school plan. Please explain how the additionalmoney was spent, if it was spent for items other than expenditures described in the approved goals above. I fall expenditures were spent for items in the goals, please enter “Not applicable.”

The additional funds were used to purchase document cameras, projectors, and on-line academic subscriptions. Thedocument cameras and projectors were helpful in improving literacy instruction allowing access to text and teacher modeling. The on-line subscriptions were supporting literacy and math instruction.

ITEM D – The school plan was advertised to the community in the following way(s):

• Letters to policy makers and/or administrators of trust lands and trust funds

• Sticker and stamps that identify purchases made with School LAND Trust funds.

• School website

ITEM E – Please select from the pull down menus the names of policymakers the council has communicated with about the School LAND Trust Program. To choose more than one name on a list, use CTRL while selecting. To unhighlight a selected name, choose another name or use CTRL and select it.

State Leaders

State Senators

State Representatives

State School Board

ITEM G – A summary of this Final Report must be provided to parents and posted on the school website by October 20th of the 2014. When was this task completed? October 16th, 2014.

Not required for Charter Schools.


Ensure student learning and success.