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No School September 6th


Picture Day Friday Sept. 3rd


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Upcoming events
August 16th 4:30-6:30pm: Open House
August 17th: First Day of School for 1st-6th Grade
August 24th: First Day of School for Kindergarten

Dear Eagle Valley Parents and Guardians


School is Just around the corner as it will start on August 17, 2021 at 9:15 for everyone.  Breakfast will begin at 8:50am.  Please do not drop off children before 8:50.  School will get out at 3:30pm.  Preschool and Kindergarten will start on August 24th.  Morning Preschool and Kinder start at 9:15-12:00pm. and PM Preschool and Kinder are 12:45 -3:30pm.


Bike Racks-As we have had some problems with bicycles getting tossed over our fence we are doing two things.  First, be sure to have your students lock their bikes when they ride so they cannot me moved.  Second, we are moving the bike racks to the south of the school and some on the north side of the trailers so they are not near where others can get near them.


Back to School Night-


Back to School Night will be on August 16, 2021 from 4:30- 6:30pm.  Please come with your students to meet your teachers.  Teacher assignments will be available on Skyward after August 6, 2021.


Drop Off and Pick Up-


We had to switch things around a bit in our parking lots.  The North parking lot will have both lanes as drop off lanes. With students let off in the parking lot crossing at the crosswalk by the school with an adult.  The north parking lot will be for grades 1-6.

The south parking lot will be for Kindergarten and Preschool as well as the bus lane. It will only have one drop off lane some people will need to park to drop off preschool students and sign them in to class.

Please follow the people we have on duty outside and cross at designated crosswalk.  This is a new way with everyone coming at once and if we all take our time and smile a little it will go well.

Monday – Friday


Grades 1-6



AM: 9:15-12:00
PM: 12:45-3:30

*Morning & Afternoon students line up in the front kiva


AM: 9:15 – 12:00
PM: 12:45 – 3:30

*Drop off and pick up in the front kiva

Minimal Day Schedule

Oct. 13, Dec. 17, Mar 11 & May 26

Grades 1-6



AM: No School
PM: No School

*Morning & Afternoon students line up in the front kiva


AM: No School
PM: No School

*Drop off and pick up in the front kiva