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Upcoming events
Nov. 25th-27th – Thanksgiving Break- NO SCHOOL
Dec. 8th – 10am PTA meeting
Dec. 15th – 12pm School Community Council Meeting
Dec. 18th – Minimal Day, No Kindergarten & Pre-School
Dec. 21st- Christmas Break – NO SCHOOL
Jan. 4th – Back To School
How to Check Grades
Report cards are in Skyward for parents to see and/or print. This is the ASD link to find the tutorial of How to Find Posted Report Cards. https://drive.google.com/drive/u/0/folders/1iA6vnWtKMigUKnvjZxlYY5YLUO1XSRBQ
New District Policy for Snow Days
With our online resources up and going, the district will not call snow days any more. When weather conditions are too dangerous for driving, we will have online materials for your students. This will follow the guidelines of online learning in the spring. For K-3rd grades, the expectation will be 1-3 hours of schooling. For 4th-5th grades, there will be 2-4 hours of schooling. This may be district wide, or by area, depending on the weather. This policy preserves all of our Spring Break days:)
As the weather continues to remain cold and sometimes wet, we ask parents that drop off their kids to remember to Safely Pull Up, Kindly Say Goodbye, and Responsibly Pull Away. Thank you so much in advance.
Drop Off Zones/Drive Through
Use the south drive through for student drop off and pick up. Pull forward to the far south end of the drive through so traffic does not get congested. We ask that you wait patiently “in line” and when an open spot becomes available to pull up cautiously. Students must be dropped and loaded at the curb from the passenger side of the vehicle. Do not have children exit or enter the vehicle while in the second/passing lane. If you need to leave your vehicle, pull into a parking stall and park, then proceed to the nearest cross walk to gain access to the school. Never leave a vehicle unattended in the drive through lanes.
Morning Drop Off and Afternoon Pick-up Procedure
For the safety of our students, we have set up the following procedures for drop-off and pick-up. We appreciate your help in keeping our students safe by following these procedures.
Drop-off procedure
A-track students may be dropped off in the drive through lane of the north or south parking lots. If you need to get out of your car, please park in the south parking lot. The north parking lot is for our employees.
B-track students should be dropped off in the south parking lot. The north parking lot is for buses only. If you need to get out of your car, please park in the south parking lot. This keeps our drive through lane moving.
Pick-up procedure
A-track students may be picked-up in the drive through lane of the north or south parking lots. Please do not park in the north parking lot and ask your child to meet you over there.
B-track students may be picked-up in drive through of the south parking lot. The north parking lot is only for buses.
Arrival and Departure from School
Early Arrivals: Track A students will be supervised outside 7:50-8:00. At 7:55 the first bell rings and teachers will bring students in at that time. This helps ensure that we start class at 8:00am. Track B students will be supervised outside 9:05-9:15. At 9:10 the first bell rings for B track and teachers will bring students in at that time. This helps ensure that we start class at 9:15am.
District policy states that students may not arrive at school earlier than ten minutes before class begins or be left waiting more than ten minutes after school. Formal supervision is provided only during that time frame.
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Computers for Kids
Micron will be distributing computers on November 6-7 in a program called “Computers for Kids.” ANY family needing a computer for their home is welcome to submit an application at the link below. The student is required to answer some questions/submit a brief essay. https://www.cfkutah.org/applications
Sub For Santa
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Box Top Flier
Please help our school by turning in box tops to your child’s teacher or the front office.
If a member of your family has been tested for COVID because of symptoms, please keep all immediate family members at home until you receive the results of the COVID test.
For weekly COVID-19 positive caseload updates, please go to our dashboard found here www.alpineschools.org/returntolearn. Our dashboard will be updated each Monday.
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